Coronavirus - Covid-19 Arrangements - Prescriptions

Thank you to all patients who are adhering to the “stay at home” advice.  Please follow these guidelines.


Please do not come to the Health Centre to order or collect prescriptions!


  • By e-mail. The e-mail address is     
  • Nominated Pharmacies – please check with your pharmacist how to order the prescription through them.
  • When ordering repeat prescriptions, please ensure that  you personally request only those items that you need. If you have a 'preferred pharmacy' nominated to collect your prescriptions, please do no rely on the pharmacist to re-order your prescription. This is not the pharmacist's responsibility. You must be the one to advise what is needed. 


  • Please nominate a Pharmacy to collect your prescription - for repeat and acute prescriptions. Please do not attend the health centre to collect a prescription.
  • Please allow extra time between ordering and receiving  your prescriptions. 
  • Repeat prescriptions are ready for collection 2 working days after we receive the request.
  • Acute prescriptions are ready for collection 1 working  day after we receive the request.
  • Collection and processing by pharmacies will add further time to this time frame.
  • Please do not ring the surgery to check if the prescription is ready

These measures have been put in place to protect patients and staff.  Thank for co-operating thus far.  Please continue to do so. 


Prescriptions are divided into two main categories. These are repeat prescriptions and acute prescriptions.

Online Prescription

Patients are able to use online services to order their repeat prescriptions. Please contact the surgery to register for this facility.

Online Services can be accessed by clicking the box below

Patient Services

Obtaining A Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions are for items which are necessary for the treatment of on-going chronic conditions. Examples of these are diabetes, asthma, heart conditions etc. Details of items which the patient can request on repeat are entered on the computer by the GP, once a definite diagnosis has been made and treatment plan drawn up. The doctor will authorise a specific number of repeats and once this number has been used up, the patient will be advised that they may need to make an appointment with the doctor to have their medication reviewed. This is necessary to ensure the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatment.

Patients can request by one of the following methods:

  1. Mark the required items on the re-order form and place it in the grey post box which is located at the reception desk.
  2. Mark the required items on the re-order form and post it to the surgery.
  3. Mark the required items on the re-order form and fax it to the surgery. The fax number is 028 7137 8509.
  4. Send an email to the practice detailing the required items, including your name, date of birth and address.  The email address is:
  5. Register with the practice's on-line service for ordering repeat prescriptions.
    Contact the receptionist for details of how to register for this service and then you can use the system to order your repeat prescriptions.
  6. Please allow 48 hours or 2 working days for your prescription to be ready for collection.  If you use either e-mail or any on-line method of repeat ordering outside of office hours, please note that the 48 hour lead time will only start at 9.00 a.m. on the following working day.

Acute Prescriptions

Acute prescriptions are for items which are required to alleviate an acute problem that has just arisen, eg sore throat, bad cough etc. Consequently, the majority of acute prescriptions are issued during surgery consultations.

Occasionally, the doctor will prescribe items such as simple painkillers, or diarrhoea remedies (for adults only) in response to telephone requests. However, antibiotics are never prescribed in response to a telephone request.

If an acute prescription has been issued, we would aim to have it ready for collection 24m hours later, always depending on the GP's workload and unexpected occurrences.  If an acute prescription has not been issued, the doctor will normally leave a message for the patient, either advising them to make an appointment or giving advice.

Some over-the-counter items are not given on prescription. The receptionist will advise on whether a requested item may be given on prescription.

Outpatient Department Letters

If a patient has attended the Outpatients' Department at the hospital and has brought in a discharge letter which includes a prescription, this will be available for collection on the following working day, unless the medication is needed more urgently, eg., antibiotics.

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