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Flu Vaccinations 2020


Park Medical – Flu Vaccinations 2020

Due to the current circumstances and the need for social distancing, hand hygiene and mask wearing, the logistics of the clinics will be different this year.  So we would like to give patients an idea of how they will work.


The next Flu Vaccination Clinic is scheduled for Saturday 24 October 2020.

Some patients have been invited to this clinic by letter and others have been invited by SMS text message.  All patients have been given a designated time to attend. Whichever way you have been invited, we would ask you to be aware of the following information:-

  • Patients should bring their letter to the appointment, and hand them to the vaccinator.

  • Patients should complete the Ethnicity information requested on the back of the letter.

  • If you have been invited by SMS text message, a letter will be provided upon arrival.

  • Patients should attend at their given time slot – not early and not late.

  • Patients should attend alone, unless the support of one person is needed.

  • Patients should be capable of waiting in a queue.

  • Patients should be prepared to and capable of queuing outside the Health Centre until called inside, if necessary.

  • Patients should be aware of and prepared for the weather conditions that prevail.

  • Patients should follow the requests of staff with regard to queuing in a socially distanced manner and follow the “one way” system for entrance and exit from the Health Centre.

  • Patients should wear a mask or face covering whilst inside the Health Centre at all times.

  • Patients should use the hand sanitisers provided before entering the Treatment Room, and before leaving the Health Centre.

  • Patients should wear a short sleeved blouse or shirt underneath their coat or jacket.

  • Patients should remove their coat or jacket upon entering the Health Centre.


If patients arrive before their appointed time, it will be necessary to remain outside the health centre until called inside by administrative staff.  Therefore patients should be prepared for this possibility and come prepared for the weather conditions.  We would also urge patients to maintain social distancing if waiting outside the health centre at all.   We will do our very best to ensure that patients will not be kept waiting any longer than necessary.


Other patients will be invited to make an appointment with the practice nurse.  These patients should contact the surgery and make an appointment for one of the flu sessions that have been made available.  On the day of the appointment, patients should:-


  • Attend at the appointed time – not early or late;

  • Attend alone OR in the case of pre-school children, only one parent/carer to accompany the child;

  • Bring the letter of invitation to the appointment and give it to the nurse;

  • Wear a face covering whilst in the health centre at all times (young children are exempt from this);

  • Report to the receptionist as normal, who will give directions on where to wait;

  • Follow the nurse’s advice, after getting the vaccination.


The consequence of these new arrangements is that fewer patients can be vaccinated during the various clinics, so it will take longer to get everyone done, and additional clinics may have to be set up.  However, please be assured that everyone who is eligible to receive a flu vaccination will be given the opportunity to get one.


Thank you all in anticipation of your co-operation with these arrangements.




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